Speed hump suppliers in Dubai

Samawi General Trading is the leading speed hump supplier in Dubai and across the UAE. Samawi speed hump is trusted not only because it reduced vehicle speed but above all, it contributes to improve public safety and avoid pedestrian and vehicle accidents. Speed ramp types are available to restrict vehicle speeds to 5 mph or 10 mph as appropriate and are often used in conjunction with traffic flow plates


Speed Restrictor Ramps

Speed restrictor ramps are traffic calming devices that are widely used for vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions. Speeds hump have become a common and highly visible feature in car parks and roads to encourage motorists to move slowly and safely.

Speed hump modular units can be arranged and installed to effectively reduce the speed of on-coming traffic. We deliver the most qualitative speed humps manufactured in the United Kingdom from 100% recycled heavy-duty PVC in either 30mm, 50 mm or 75 mm heights. Also available in either high visibility yellow or black colors which simply slot together on site for an easy and quick installation.


Produced in a highly durable and proven solid black recycled PVC in UK with middle segments or end segments also available in a painted contrast high visibility ‘traffic’ yellow.

12-month warranty

No slip surface with integral cats eyes as standard for extra visibility and safety

Built-in the channel for temporary traffic lights etc

30 mm height system, reduces speed to 15 MPH

Length 500 mm (End Caps 210 mm), part number SP30.MD
Width 400 mm (End Caps tapered), part number SP30.ED
Weight 5 Kg (End Caps 1.8 Kg)
30,000 Kg weight capacity
Integral channel 20 mm x 40 mm

50 mm height system, reduces speed to 10 MPH

Length 500 mm (End Caps 210 mm), part number SP50.MD
Width 420 mm (End Caps tapered), part number SP30.ED
Weight 7.7 Kg (End Caps 2.5 Kg)
30,000 Kg weight capacity
Integral channel 20 mm x 40 mm

75 mm height system, reduces speed to 5 MPH

Length 500 mm (End Caps 210 mm), part number SP75.MD
Width 480 mm (End Caps tapered), part number SP75.ED
Weight 12.5 Kg (End Caps 5.5 Kg)
30,000 Kg weight capacity
Integral channel 50 mm x 60 mm


It is recommended that sections are fixed using anchor bolts to a suitable level concrete surface.

Each 500 mm long central segment requires 4 anchor bolts.

Each individual end cap requires 2 anchor bolts.

Specialist anchor bolts are available for tarmac and asphalt surfaces.

Adhesive can be used to fix the speed hump in the ‘short term’  and later relocated and bolted down for permanent fixing. It is recommended that ‘speed warning signs’ are used in conjunction with any speed ramp installation to warn approaching traffic of their presence.

Current UK legislation requires any person or company offering car park facilities to conduct a safety audit, and where vehicle speed in an area shared with pedestrians is a manageable risk, speed humps are acknowledged to be the most effective speed risk management tool. speed humps are the ideal way to zone pedestrian walkways in areas where no pavement exists, shared with vehicles i.e. car parks, drives, and access roads width of 500mm stated by The Health & Safety Executive.

Speed Restrictor Bump (15mph) 1-meter section with fixings

Description Speed bumps (also known as sleeping policemen or speed ramps) do not stop vehicles driving over them – but they do improve site safety by ensuring that traffic speed is reduced. Available in two heights – speed bumps can be selected to restrict speed to a maximum of 5 mph or 15 mph as appropriate for the site. (Height of bumps: 5mph = 75mm, 15mph = 50mm)

Speed Restrictor Bump (15mph) - end caps (pair) with fixings

Description Radiused end caps for speed bumps or sleeping policemen, eliminate vertical edges to the end extremities of the bump - supplied in pairs with fixings for concrete or asphalt

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