SIMPLE Just put a little of your saliva into the collection well (the blue receptacle) and the white test paper will indicate whether your glucose level is normal in minutes!

It takes only 5 minutes to reveal the results!

No blood or pain is involved, so it poses no risk of infection. It is a safe and easy screening method of Diabetes

You can use a smart phone to take a photo test unit after use and upload it to your server via the APP

HYGIENIC Each test is individually packaged and disposable after used. This rules out the possibility of contamination.

The Kiss & Tell glucose meter is produced in Hong Kong apart from the packaging, which is made in Mainland China. Our target is to have this product completely manufactured in Hong Kong





1/ Rinse your mouth with water (not sugary drinks!)


2/ Deliver saliva to collection well


3/ Wait for 5 minutes


4/ Check the color for results


What types of glucometers are there?

Self-Monitoring Glucose Meters: These are the most basic and typical meters that utilize test strips and small blood samples. Meters and test strips are available over the counter in stores and online.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs): This type of monitoring requires a sensor to be implanted under the skin to take readings every few minutes throughout the day and night. They require approval from — implantation by — your medical doctor.

Noninvasive Glucometers: These meters do not require blood samples. Rather, they sense glucose levels through blood-rich areas of the skin. However, this technology is still being developed and tested, so these meters are not yet available in the U.S. market.

For more information on the different types of glucometers – connect with us.

What features do self-monitoring meters offer?

While all meters work essentially the same way, not all offer the same features. Standard meters have digital screens, battery power sources, and internal memory, and many have associated apps for data storage. Some offer only desktop apps, while others have smartphone apps that receive data from your meter via Bluetooth.

Other features may include backlit LCD screens to read numbers more easily, USB rechargeable battery packs and even advanced features like voice technology that reads your results allowed — a great option for people with poor eyesight.

Where should I store the meter and strips?

You’ll want to keep your meter, test strips, lancets, and other supplies in a carrying case, which most glucometers include with the initial purchase. Test strips should be kept in their original vial or container, and you should make sure it is completely closed after each use. Keep all items out of extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture, and humidity, as any of these external factors can affect your meter and strips, causing false readings.

Kiss & Tell reacts to the glucose in your saliva and gives the following results:

Darker pink color indicates higher glucose levels


Store, upload and track your results! Anytime, Anywhere.

Download the “eNano Health Kiss and Tell” app from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) with your smart device.

First time users: Create User Name and Password, then click “Register”

Existing users: Type in username and password. Hit “OK” to login



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