Health and Safety equipment suppliers Dubai

We health and safety equipment suppliers Dubai offering services across the United Arab Emirates. Samawi General Trading is a Dubai based company that started in 2010 to serve clients across the United Arab Emirates. We are a young and innovative company fueled by an ever-increasing desire to seek out and supply

the most innovative products related to medical equipment and medical supplies

Health and Safety Products

We Samawi General Trading provide Health and Safety products in a wide range such as Finger Protector Hinge Cover Strip, Speed Restrictor Ramps, Vehicle

Inspection Mirrors, Fire Door Retainer Auto Closer, Reusable Cash Bags, Key Wallets, and bird free items are making our life safe and easy. These items we can

ship anywhere locally in UAE.  Speed Restrictor Ramps these modular units can be arranged and installed to effect and reduce the speed of on-coming traffic on

most sites or locations. High-quality materials manufacture makes these specialist units the preferred choice for the discerning user, while thoughtful design ensures reliable, practical performance, day or night, in any environment.

DoorSense is a reliable, high-quality acoustic release door hold-open device that meets all legal requirements for use in a wide range of environments including sensitive areas such as schools, care homes, etc. It holds a fire door open in any position but automatically releases the door should a fire alarm sound or at a set time. We are an innovative and fast-growing company in the Health and safety equipment suppliers in Dubai. 

Reusable Cash Bags are available in different sizes and colors, reusable cash bags rely on a security seal attached to the zip mechanism to deter unauthorized tampering with the contents whilst the bag is in transit.

Accident and injuries due to trapping fingers in doors leading to finger amputation or ongoing pain and reconstructive surgery may happen even inside your home. Your doors are a serious safety risk if you do not protect your family by putting Samawi’s finger protector – hinge cavity cover. Protect your family specially your kids from this traumatic experience, contact us now for more information.

Speed ramps or speed restrictor bumps can force traffic to slow down to promote safety and helps motorist be caucious in driving. Our speed ramp are available to restrict vehicle speeds up to: 5 mph or 10 mph which are often used in conjunction with traffic flow plates. Call us for more information now about signage, speed restrictors, and other safety promoting products you need.

Whether you need an Adjustable Repair Vehicle Chassis Telescopic Inspection Mirror with LED Light, or a simple Inspection Mirror to check your vehicle condition anytime you immediately need it, you can contact us and directly order these essential devices to Samawi General Trading. Chat us live for more information. 

Our security zip sealed bags can let you know if your belongings has been compromized. Our seal is uniquely numbered to protect it from replacement and secured that it is sealed. Call us for more information to avail this secured bags.

This smart DoorSense, is a standalone door release unit designed to keep the door open, or fixed, but will automatically release if the fire alarm goes off. It will automatically releases if fire alarm sound goes off, or if it is manually set-up on its timer functionality. Timer can also be override dependind on your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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