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Home Health Care

Samawi General Trading in Dubai brings glucose meter, total health check, sperm test, ovulation teat products and many more. We provide quality brands from leading global manufacturers.

Health and Safety

Our unique products like finger protector hinge cover strip, speed restrictor ramps, vehicle inspection mirrors, fire door retainer auto closer, reusable cash bags, and key wallets, and bird free items are making our lives safe.

Magnetic Sweeper and Broom Products

Check our Terminator Magnetic Sweeper, Type ALT Magnetic Sweeper, MKS4000 Magnetic Sweeper, Econo Mag Magnetic Broom, Multi-Surface Magnetic Broom and many more. These are important and one of the vital elements of home safety.

Commercial Safety and Sanitation Products

We provide anything imaginable to foster safety and sanitation - fueled by our ever increasing desire to seek out and supply the most innovative products tailor made to meet your changing requirements.


Home Health Management Device

Glucose Meter

Advanced blood glucose meters compact, faster, and more accurate to help you manage diabetes while maintaining an affordable annual strip cost.

Health Check Products

Easy, inexpensively and in the privacy of your own home, you can now monitor your health using innovative health check devices.

Sperm Test Products

Get a sperm count tester to  analyze the health and viability of a man’s sperm, plus other sugar and protein substances that it contain.

Evolution Test

Ovulation tests is a must-have if you are trying to conceive. This ovulation tests can provide all-important insight into when you’re most fertile.

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Terminator Magnetic Sweeper

ALT Magnetic Sweeper

Multi Surface Magnetic Broom

Econo-Mag Magnetic Broom

MKS4000 Magnetic Sweeper

Our Safety Products

Health & Safety

Finger Protector Hinge Cover Strip

Easy Install - Speed Restrictor Ramps

Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

Fire Door Retainer Auto Closer

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